Oral Hygiene Therapies

Here at high street smiles we have our own dental therapist who concentrates on oral hygiene therapy along with other procedures. Our Dental Therapist will provide regular cleaning and polishing therapies and advice as required to ensure that you keep a healthy smile.
We offer two different types of cleaning:

Simple scale and polish-which involves using a ultrasonic scaler to remove hard deposits of calculus from the teeth, these are the deposits that have built up over a period of time and cannot be removed with your toothbrush.

Air Abrasion-which is a handpiece that distributes powder particles to remove hard deposits and polish the tooth surfaces. The air abrasion system is similar to that of a ‘jetwash’ concept, blasting particles at speed onto the tooth surface. The results can create a much brighter smile by polishing and removing stains.

The powder that is used for this procedure is known as sylc, it desensitises the area that is being focused on whilst effectively cleaning and brightening up the tooth surface.www.osspray.com

Regular visits to our Dental Therapist can assist and educate you to ensure that you are following all the correct procedures to look after and monitor the build up of plaque within your mouth, which can eventually lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.